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By Robert Conroy

ISBN-10: 0345500431

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The USA has dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
But Japan has purely all started to struggle. . . .

In 1945, heritage has reached a turning aspect. A negative new weapon has been unleashed. Japan has no selection yet to give up. yet as a substitute, the unthinkable happens. With their state burned and shattered, jap lovers set in movement a frightening endgame--their target: to take the US down with them.

In Robert Conroy's brilliantly imagined epic story of worldwide warfare II, Emperor Hirohito's capitulation is hijacked through extremists and a weary usa is compelled to invade Japan as a final step in a conflict that has already expense such a lot of lives. because the jap lash out with strategies that not anyone has ever confronted before--from POWs used as human shields to a rain of kamikaze assaults that take out the highest-value objective within the Pacific command--the invasion's good fortune is without warning doubtful. As America's streets erupt in rioting, heritage will activate the acts of some key avid gamers from the fiery entrance strains to the halls of Washington to the shadowy realm of espionage, whereas a mortally wounded enemy turns into the best possibility of all.

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