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As the area enters the recent millennium, mankind faces a chain ofnew prob­ lems, lots of them created by way of guy himself. those contain overpopulation, air and water pollutants, worldwide warming, accumulation of greenhouse gases, darnage to the ozone layer and lack of biodiversity. might be those difficulties have been round even previous in an incipient degree, yet they've got now assumed international proportions and are uppermost within the minds of all. A usual con­ series is more suitable curiosity in sciences attached with those difficulties. Ecology is a box that's immensely beneficial in realizing lots of them. within the seventies, nature conservation turned a priority of large sections of society, way past the small crew of specialist ecologists. Species extinc­ tion and depletion of organic assets have been noticeable as significant threats to human welfare. It used to be for that reason common for scientists from varied disci­ plines to hunt purposes at the back of those advancements. We have been no exceptions and whilst chance to have interaction with ecologists as statistreal experts got here, we chanced on ourselves interpreting progressively more of ecology and evolution­ ary biology. a number of years in the past we proposed beginning of an optionally available one semester direction on statistical ecology for graduate scholars of facts of Pune University.

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How can we incorporate density dependence in it? One way is by dividing either or both of fertility and survival parameters for age dass i by some factor related to population size, say qit given by qit = 1 + aNt- i+l + bNt which implies the assumption that both current total population in all age classes (Nt) and total population at the time of birth affect the parameters of age dass i. Such factors help to make the population stationary. , qmt as defined above. He also pointed out that such a population will in the long run become stationary if qit = Al, for every i and for large t, where Al is the Perron root of M .

T)] in a population of size N. (t) is negligible. (t) can occur in three ways. (t). (t)PN-l(t). ( t) interval. (t)P{N+l)(t). (t). (t)-]PN(t). (t) -+ 0 we get, d~ft~t) = - N(>. 4) The explicit solution of this equation is very difficult to obtain. However first two moments of N can be obtained directly. By definition E(N I t) = L N=ü NpN(t). [E(N I t)] = NdPN(t). +fL) L 00 N 2pN(t)+>. L L N~ N(N+1)PN+1(t). L)E(N I t). L where Cl is a constant of integration. Cl need not be determined at this stage.

Bsd» is t he number of individu als born to the whole population of females , in a tim e interval of length dx. 34 CHAPTER 2 Nt is the population size. Then Ntcxdx is the number of individuals in the age group( x , x + dx) . They were all born in the interval (t - x, t - x + dx) and have survived upto age x . This function is the equivalent of vector l1t in the Leslie model, when representing a stable age distribution. 1) The quantities of interest are (i) b = Bi]Nt, instantaneous birth rate per individual at time t and (ii) the net growth rate r , For a stable population both these are independent of t.

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