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By John Ackerman

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'...continuously illuminating and a true excitement to read...John Ackerman offers what has to be the main entire and balanced account of the fellow and his work.' John Haris, Planet 'As nature is all we've got, and all i'm is a guy, i am particularly attracted to guy and nature' declared Dylan Thomas in 1952, and the position of nature is the foremost concentration within the interpretation of the poetry during this booklet. Nature is obvious as an important either in identifying his poetic originality and the pantheistic imaginative and prescient of his later paintings. The ebook presents the 1st certain account of Thomas's occupation and improvement as a prose author, commenting on his paintings in movies, on radio, in addition to his tales and letters.

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46 Certainly Dylan Thomas mocked the narrow-mindedness he found in Wales at this time, as in this speech to a group of Scottish writers long after he left Swansea: I am a Welshman who does not live in his own country, mainly because he still wants to eat and drink, be rigged and roofed, and no Welsh writer can hunt his bread and butter in Wales unless he pulls his forelock to the 'Western Mail', Bethesda on Sunday, and enters public-houses by the back door, and reads Caradoc Evans only when alone, and by candlelight.

The next I was a royal nephew, embraced and welcomed, standing in the snug centre of my stories and listening to the clock announcing me. 42 Vividly, too, he describes his youthful feeling for nature, spontaneous and animal-like in its instinctive immediacy, and highly imaginative in his power to enlarge upon a particular situation: On my haunches, eager and alone, casting an ebony shadow, with the Gorsehill jungle swarming, the violent impossible birds and fishes leaping, hidden under four-stemmed flowers the height of horses, in the early evening in a dingle near Carmarthen ....

Daniel Jones was a schoolfriend whose house, called 'Warmley', was about ten minutes' walk from Thomas's home. But what vividly emerges from Dr Jones's account of their friendship in his book My Friend Dylnll Tholllns is how Warmley became almost a second home for Dylan during the years of boyhood and adolescence. Though primarily a musician and composer, Daniel Jones had a delight in language that matched Dylan's. At this time they not only wrote joint poems and comic pieces but joyfully competed in serious games of verbal dexterity and poetic inventiveness, even creating the verbal fantasy world of their own broadcasting company transmitting programmes from one room to the other at Warmley.

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