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By Harold M. Edwards

ISBN-10: 0817684123

ISBN-13: 9780817684129

​​​Originally released via Houghton Mifflin corporation, Boston, 1969

In a ebook written for mathematicians, lecturers of arithmetic, and hugely inspired scholars, Harold Edwards has taken a daring and weird method of the presentation of complex calculus. He starts off with a lucid dialogue of differential varieties and speedy strikes to the elemental theorems of calculus and Stokes’ theorem. the result's real arithmetic, either in spirit and content material, and an exhilarating selection for an honors or graduate path or certainly for any mathematician wanting a refreshingly casual and versatile reintroduction to the topic. For these types of capability readers, the writer has made the process paintings within the most sensible culture of artistic mathematics.

This reasonable softcover reprint of the 1994 variation provides the various set of issues from which complex calculus classes are created in attractive unifying generalization. the writer emphasizes using differential types in linear algebra, implicit differentiation in larger dimensions utilizing the calculus of differential types, and the tactic of Lagrange multipliers in a basic yet easy-to-use formula. There are copious workouts to aid advisor the reader in checking out knowing. The chapters might be learn in nearly any order, together with starting with the ultimate bankruptcy that includes many of the extra conventional themes of complex calculus classes. furthermore, it's perfect for a direction on vector research from the differential types element of view.

The specialist mathematician will locate the following a pleasant instance of mathematical literature; the scholar lucky sufficient to have passed through this publication could have a company clutch of the character of contemporary arithmetic and a superior framework to proceed to extra complicated reviews.

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The symbol dx dy dz should be thought of as representing 'oriented volume', a function assigning numbers to oriented solids in space. Given a k-form (k= 1, 2, or 3) in the variables x, y, z and given an affine mapping (1) x = au + bv + cw + e y = a'u + b'v + c'w + e' z = a"u + b"v + c"w + e" there is a k-form in u, v, w called the pullback of the given k-form under the given affine map, defined by the computational rules dx = d(au + bv + cw + e) = a du + bdv + cdw, dudu = 0, dudv = -dvdu, etc. In the same way the computational rules define the pullback of a k-form in m variables under an affine mapping which expresses the m variables in terms of n other variables.

In the uv-plane. (c) Draw a few triangles in the xy-plane and show their images in the uv-plane. (d) Judging from the drawings, would you say that the mapping preserves orientations or reverses them? (e) Find the pullback of du dv. Relate the answer to part (d). 8 Show that every affine map can be written as a composition of the simple types listed in the text. [The map (1) can be so written if every such map in which c = c' = 0 can be so written. The map x = v, y = u can be so written. The map (1) with c = c' = 0 can be so written if either of the maps x = bu y = b'u + av + a'v or x = a'u + b'v =au+ bv y can be so written.

3 I The Evaluation of Two-Forms. Pullbacks 13 triangle is ~. the answer is -2. Similarly the value of -2 dx dy is found by -2 dx dy = -2(du-2 dv)(4 du+2 dv) = -2(2 du dv-8 dv du) = -20dudv hence the value on the triangle is - 10. Altogether the value of dy dz - 2 dx dy on the given triangle is therefore -12. The computation is best done all at once by writing dydz- 2dxdy = (4du+2dv)(-dv)- 2(du-2dv)(4 du+2dv) = -4 du dv - 4 du dv + 16 dv du = -24dudv so that the value on the triangle (0, 0), (1, 0), (0, 1) is -12.

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