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By Christian Holm, Kurt Kremer, S. Auer, K. Binder, J.G. Curro, D. Frenkel, G.S. Grest, D.R. Heine, P.H. Hünenberger, L.G. MacDowell, M. Müller, P. Virnau

Soft topic technological know-how is these days an acronym for an more and more vital type of fabrics, which levels from polymers, liquid crystals, colloids as much as complicated macromolecular assemblies, protecting sizes from the nanoscale up the microscale. laptop simulations have confirmed as an fundamental, if no longer the main robust, instrument to appreciate homes of those fabrics and hyperlink theoretical types to experiments. during this first quantity of a small sequence famous leaders of the sphere evaluation complex subject matters and supply serious perception into the state of the art tools and clinical questions of this vigorous area of soppy condensed topic research.

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As mentioned earlier, the self-consistent field theory is one of the most powerful methods for the theoretical description of polymer blends, and it is often accurate on a quantitative level. In many regions of the parameter space, fluctuations are irrelevant for large chain lengths (large N¯ ) and simulations are not necessary. Field-theoretic simulations are well suited to complement self-consistent field theories in those parameter regions where fluctuation effects become important. , spinodal decomposition) that ensues after a quench into the miscibility gap at the critical composition, φ¯ A = φ¯ B = 1/2, of the symmetric blend.

FRPA [φAq ] (2φAq – 1)2 1 =√ √ N¯ kB T(V/Rde ) N¯ (V/Rde ) 2 |φAq – φBq |2 1 1 1 + – 2χN |φA0 – φ¯ A |2 = ¯ 2 φA 1 – φ¯ A 1 1 1 + + – 2χN ¯ 2 φA 1 – φ¯ A + q=0 2 q R2e 18φ¯ A + (94) q2 R2e |φAq |2 18(1 – φ¯ A ) Note that this free energy functional is Gaussian in the Fourier coefficients of the composition, and, hence, the critical behavior still is of mean-field type. Transforming back from Fourier expansion for the spatial dependence to real space, we obtain for the free energy functional: FRPA [φA (r)] 1 √ = d N¯ kB T(V/Re ) V dd r 1 2 1 1 + – 2χN ¯φA 1 – φ¯ A φA (r) – 1 2 2 (95) + = 1 V R2e 36φ¯ A (1 – φ¯ A ) dd r (∇φA )2 1 d2 fFH 2 dφ¯ A2 φA (r) – 1 2 2 + R2e (∇φA )2 36φ¯ A (1 – φ¯ A ) Expanding the free energy of the homogeneous system (Flory–Huggins free energy of mixing), we can restore higher order terms and obtain the Landau– 32 M.

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