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By Burton D. Fisher

ISBN-10: 1930841876

ISBN-13: 9781930841871

Whole LIBRETTO of Verdi's AIDA, that includes a brand new TRANSLATION, and song spotlight examples.

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He is a traitor! Sacerdoti: È traditor! Priests: He is a traitor! Ramfis, Sacerdoti: Morrà! Ramphis, Priests: He shall die! OPERA JOURNEYS LIBRETTO SERIES Page 46 Amneris: Voi la terra ed i Numi oltraggiate, Voi punite chi colpe non ha. Ah no, non è traditor, pietà! Amneris: You outrage earth and the gods. You punish an innocent! Ah no, he is not a traitor, mercy! Ramfis, Sacerdoti: Morrà! È traditor! Morrà! Traditor! Traditor! Traditor! Ramphis, Priests: He will die! He is a traitor! He will die!

Radames: L’infamia m’attende e vuoi ch’io viva? Misero appien mi festi, Aida a me togliesti, Spenta l’hai forse e in dono offri la vita a me? Radames: Infamy awaits me, and you want me to live? You have taken Aida from me and made me utterly miserable. Perhaps you killed her, and as a gift you offer me life? Amneris: Io, di sua morte origine! No! Vive Aida! Amneris: I the cause of her death? No! Aida lives! Radames: Vive! Radames: She lives! Amneris: Nei disperato anelito dell’orde fuggitive sol cadde il padre.

Amonasro: Oh fury! Ramfis: Guardie, olà! Ramphis: Guards, here! Radames: Presto! Fuggite! Radames: (to Aida and Amonasro) Quickly. Flee! Amonasro: Vieni, o figlia! Amonasro: (taking Aida with him) Come, oh daughter! Ramfis: L’inseguite! Ramphis: (to the Guards) Follow them! Radames: Sacerdote, io resto a te. Radames: (to Ramphis) Priest! I remain with you. OPERA JOURNEYS LIBRETTO SERIES Page 40 ACT IV - Scene 1 A Hall in the King’s Palace. There is a large gate which opens on the subterranean hall of judgment; a passage leads to the prison of Radames.

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