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By Douglas L. Cairns

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This is often the 1st learn in English to ascertain some of the most the most important phrases in Greek moral and social discourse, aidos, inside of quite a lot of Greek literature. as a rule rendered "shame," "modesty," or "respect," aidos is among the such a lot elusive and tough Greek phrases to translate. Dr. Cairns discusses the character and alertness of aidos and different correct phrases in a few authors; with specific emphasis on their manifestations in epic, tragedy, and philosophy. He indicates that the essence of the idea that is to be present in its courting with Greek values of honor, within which context it could possibly realize and reply to the dignity of either the self and others. It therefore includes either self- and different- relating to habit, aggressive and cooperative values.

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The precise date is still a matter of controversy, but the most likely scenario is a long series of premonitory earthquakes and minor eruptions beginning in about 1500 BC and culminating in a caldera eruption of enormous violence in 1470 BC. Thera is 120 kilometres north of Crete, but major earthquakes with their epicentres on Thera would have caused significant damage to Knossos and other Minoan sites The people 33 on Crete. The final eruption would have been experienced as a multiple disaster at the Minoan sites.

The Lion Hunt Dagger from Shaft Grave IV at Mycenae, dating to around 1550 and produced in Crete, shows three shield shapes: the figure-of-eight shape which appears in Knossian frescoes, rectangular and rectangular with a curved raised section on the top (Figure 10). These shields were light and made of cattle hides stre The people 19 Figure 7 Minoan helmets. A: ivory plaque from a stool at Arkhanes. B: helmet used as a decorative motif on a 3-handled amphora at Katsamba, about 1400 BC. C: boar’s tooth helmet found at Knossos (reconstructed).

It may have been this subjective and exaggerated view which found its way into the folklore. There is more evidence of the Minoan social structure from the New Temple Period. Women emerged as dominant figures in ceremonial contexts, and society as a whole had become much more strongly stratified. Social classes were now more important than the clans as the towns came to dominate the organization of rural areas. The government may have been more or less theocratic, with priestesses and other religious officials occupying positions of importance.

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