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85 He envisage~ a new religion, 'adequate' to communist society, as beginning among the more educated sections of the intelligentsia and giving, simply, a more credible, 'merciless', image of man and society, not excluding parties and leaders. It would give also detailed guidelines on how to live. Zinoviev allows for the option of a god if he would prove a useful adjunct to health of the soul. 86 Such a religion would be closely bound up with the question of morality in communist society. Moral behaviour and behavioural norms 'arise as a striving by people to limit the turbulence of unbridled social behaviour'.

They cannot be understood by the masses at large.

It requires of its author, to parody the official definition of Socialist Realism, the full and concrete depiction of reality as it is, rather than as it might become after further hypothetical revolutionary development. It is accurately descriptive, and doubtless, as a result of its cognitive value, socially progressive. 22 Its practitioners include members of the Union of Writers (Shukshin, Trifonov, Rasputin, Astaf'ev, Belov, Bitov among them) no less than such disgraced figures as Solzhenitsyn and Shalamov.

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