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By Alexey V. Porubov

ISBN-10: 9812383263

ISBN-13: 9789812383266

This ebook treats difficulties at the same time: sequential analytical attention of nonlinear pressure wave amplification and choice in wave publications and in a medium; demonstration of using even specific analytical strategies to nonintegrable equations in a layout of numerical simulation of unsteady nonlinear wave procedures. The textual content contains a number of distinctive examples of the tension wave amplification and choice brought on by the effect of an exterior medium, microstructure, relocating aspect defects, and thermal phenomena. the most positive factors of the ebook are: (1) nonlinear types of the stress wave evolution in a rod subjected by way of a number of dissipative/active elements; (2) an analytico-numerical technique for ideas to the governing nonlinear partial differential equations with dispersion and dissipation.

This ebook is vital for introducing readers in mechanics, mechanical engineering, and utilized arithmetic to the concept that of lengthy nonlinear pressure wave in one-dimensional wave courses. it's also compatible for self-study by means of execs in all components of nonlinear physics.

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Al (1993); Levi and Winternitz (1992); Newell et. al (1987); Weiss et. al (1983). Here we concentrate on the one aspect of the theory-the singular manifold method or WTC method for partial differential equations Newell et. al (1987); Weiss et. al (1983). Let f(x,t) = 0 is the "singular" or "pole" manifold on which a solution u(x, t) is singular. *) = "J X ^ * ' * ) ^ (2-10) is single valued. This requires (i) a is an integer, (ii)

Its evolution is similar to those presented in Fig. 14. Finally, only multi-humps localized structure arises from an initial pulse as shown in Fig. 16. The localized multi-humps structures in Figs. 16 keep their width, while their shapes vary in time. 9). Moreover, at negative values of / the exact solution doesn't predict propagation to the right of the solitary wave with positive amplitude. Absence of linear dispersive terms. We have found an exact solitary wave solution that may be supported by higher -order nonlinear terms even without linear dispersive terms, at d = 0 or / = 0.

10 demonstrate the decrease of the solitary waves for / = —1,-10,-50 respectively. The ratio between the amplitude and the velocity 16 Amplification Fig. 7 of Nonlinear Strain Waves in Solids Evolution of the initial Gaussian profile in the KdV case, / = 0. of each solitary wave in Fig. 2) . 33 at / = —50. A similar tendency is revealed by the phase analysis of single travelling wave solutions, cf. Fig. 2 in Kawahara (1972). 46, the amplitude and the velocity for given b and d are —105/(1352/), —9/(169/), respectively.

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