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By Elise Blackwell

ISBN-10: 1936071665

ISBN-13: 9781936071661

As she prepares dinner for her husband and
their , Suzanne hears at the radio
that a jetliner has crashed and her lover is dead.
Alex Elling was once a well known orchestra conductor.
Suzanne is a live performance violist, lengthy unhappy with
her marriage to a composer whose track turns
emotion into inspiration. Now, extra by myself than
she’s ever been, she needs to grieve secretly. yet as
complex as that attempt is, it pales with the arriving of
Alex’s widow, who blackmails her into completing
the rating for Alex’s unfinished viola concerto.
As Suzanne struggles to maintain her double existence a
secret from her husband, from her top friend,
and from the opposite participants of her quartet, she
is fed on via stories of a wealthy love affair
saturated with song. more and more manipulated by
her lover’s widow and plagued by the concerto’s
many layers, Suzanne realizes she could lose
everything she’s spent her lifestyles operating for.
A tale of affection, loss, intercourse, category, and betrayal,
this psychologically compelling novel explores
the ways in which artists’ lives and paintings have interaction, the
nature of relationships between girls as friends
and rivals, and what it capability to make a life
of ar

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