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By A. W. Neumann (Editor), Robert David (Editor), Jan Spelt (Editor)

ISBN-10: 0824790960

ISBN-13: 9780824790967

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G. acetamide CH3 CONH2 is manufactured from acetic acid (CH3 COOH) plus ammonia and is widely used as a SOLVENT. Amine. g. methylamine CH3 NH2. Used as a SOLVENT, FUEL additive and in dyeing and staining. Amino acid. Essential component of PROTEINS, consisting of amino (–NH2) and acidic carboxyl (–COOH) groups. There are some 20 different amino acids normally present in proteins and a balanced diet must consist of the right intakes of these acids. There are eight essential amino acids for humans that can only be obtained from the environment by heterotrophic means.

6 Activated carbon (AC) AC case study – Entek International Ltd, of Newcastle, produces specialized POLYETHYLENE products for use in the manufacture of lead/acid batteries. The polyethylene film from which these products are made is produced by heating POLYMER granules, extruding them through a die and forcing the polymer between two rollers. Significant quantities of lubricating oil are added to the polymer during the extrusion process to reduce friction and prevent adhesion to the rollers. The resulting membrane may, typically, contain 60% by weight of oil immediately after forming.

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