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ISBN-10: 1859460801

ISBN-13: 9781859460801

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I wound up seeing a lot of restaurant kitchens and service elevators in hotels. Travel became more complicated as well. I couldn't simply walk through the airport and get on the plane; I had to be met curbside by an airline representative, who would escort me to a private waiting room. I'd always preboard, because it meant I could get on the plane without dozens of people seeing me. So I'd follow the representative up some side stairs and a walkway, and get onto an empty plane; otherwise, there'd be a steady parade of people to my seat.

I hadn't seen the article, but realized what had happened after a flood of mail started coming to the house. After a few days, the postman refused to deliver the mail because there was so much of it; the post office finally hauled it to us by truck, and for weeks we lived with a literal mountain of mail in the living room, sometimes so high that it was taller than I was. And then there was the occasional young fan skulking about the shrubbery, hoping to catch a glimpse of me coming or going . .

But then we realized we had a new problem: we were now trapped in the office! There was no way out of the building except down and out through the crowd . . But the manager was a resourceful man, and said, "Wait a minute. We can't go down because of all the people. But we can go up. " He placed a call to the fire department, who sent a hook-and-ladder truck to the back of the building (out of sight of the crowd). I went up to the roof, climbed down the provided fire ladder, and made good my escape!

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