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By Tre Torri

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Procreation. In the Roman world, as in many other past and present societies, a strong tradition linked marriage to the procreation of children; for instance, it was commonly said (as in Case 16) that marriages were concluded “in order to beget children” (liberorum procreandorum causa); and this tradition was considerably reinforced by imperial legislation devised to encourage childbirth (see Case 12). Nonetheless, as this Case shows, inability to beget children was not in itself necessarily a bar to marriage.

212. A change in civil status could occur when, for instance, a free person became a slave (perhaps because of criminal condemnation or enemy capture) or when a slave became a free person (perhaps through manumission by a master); or when a free person changed citizenship (perhaps when a free noncitizen received Roman citizenship from the emperor). Such changes in status gave rise to legal complexities that often affected not just the person himself but also those around him. For example, what happened to a man’s family and property if he was enslaved?

2. ” A surprisingly large number of Roman legal sources suggest that in the case of women the minimum age was not always observed; see also, for instance, Case 26 below. In the present Case, a girl younger than twelve has been “led” (deducta) in a wedding procession to the home of a man; such a “leading” from the home of the girl’s father into her husband’s is one common form of marriage ceremony (see Case 20). , Pomponius, D. 4: “A woman married when less than twelve years old will be a legitimate wife when she has reached age twelve in her husband’s house”).

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