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The caliber of a telecommunication voice carrier is essentially inftuenced through the standard of the transmission process. however, the research, synthesis and prediction of caliber may still take into consideration its multidimensional features. caliber will be considered as some degree the place the perceived features and the specified or anticipated ones meet. A schematic is gifted which classifies assorted entities which give a contribution to the standard of a carrier, considering conversational, consumer as weIl as carrier similar contributions. ranging from this idea, perceptively proper ingredients of speech communique caliber are pointed out. The perceptive components end result from ele­ ments of the transmission configuration. A simulation version is built and applied which permits the main appropriate parameters of conventional trans­ project configurations to be manipulated, in actual time and for the dialog state of affairs. Inputs into the simulation are instrumentally measurable caliber components usual in transmission making plans of mobilephone networks. a discounted set of those caliber parts varieties a foundation for types which target at predicting mouth-to-ear caliber because it will be perceived by way of a consumer of the sys­ tem. those types are an incredible device for the planner of telecommunication networks, as they enable the anticipated caliber to be envisioned upfront, even earlier than the community has been arrange. recognized versions (the SUBMOD and the E-model) are analyzed in additional element, with an emphasis at the psy­ choacoustic and psychophysical backgrounds.

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1 a comparison is made between the weighting factors for 0 LR, for ST M Rand for the echo loss, Le. 18 is expressed by N K i . 27) It can be seen that for both sidetone and echo paths lower frequency components are neglected. For the sidetone path, an emphasis is put on the bands above 1kHz, while the weighting of the echo path is nearly constant in the transmitted band. Thus, for talker echo, contributions from all the frequency bands are relevant, while for sidetone, only the upper frequency region is of importance.

41, 1994). The frequency weighting introduced by the psophometer is similar to the C-message weighting used in the USo ITU-T Rec. II (1993) states that psophometrically measured levels also satisfactorily characterize the effect of induced power hum, as experimental data show. On the other hand, impulsive noise and especially long-term time-variant noise (caused by noise bursts) cannot be sufficiently characterized by their psophometrically measured levels. For impulsive noise, where the excursion of the noise waveform on a channel Factors Influencing the Quality 0/ Service 33 exceeds a specified level threshold above the rms value of the noise, the occurrence and amplitude distribution of the individual impulses are of importance.

In telephony, it is generally assumed that this path is more or less "switched off" by central masking of the human brain. Nevertheless, this assumption is doubtful at least for higher levels of ambient room noise. e. where the handset is held. It is mainly due to bone conduction in the user's head, and to the leakage between the handset and the human ear. Also a mechanical path via the handset exists. A third sidetone path is an electrical one through the handset itself. This path used to be caused by an impedance mismatch between the subscriber line impedance and the so-called sidetone balance impedance of the telephone set.

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