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Sophisticated test gear is not necessary, just a very simple multi meter and an audio source such as a small transistor radio or cassette player. 1 /-IF capacitor from the volume control , remembering to connect the chassis together. Each section can now be tested starting from the output and working back to the input . Don 't be too upset if you have trouble no one is perfect. One fault that is often found is inadequate decoupling of the supply rail to each circu it, part icularly preampl ifiers.

It is good pract ice to check with an ohmmeter to see if any shorts to chassis are present before switching the power on. When test ing aud io circu its test each circuit in turn . If everyth ing is connected up and then the mains switched on, every transistor or IC can be damaged in one millisecond by a careless wiring fault - an expensive business. Test the power supply, then the amplifier , then the other circuits, remembering always to have the loudspeakers connected. Sophisticated test gear is not necessary, just a very simple multi meter and an audio source such as a small transistor radio or cassette player.

2) Through voltages induced into input leads from the mag netic field of the mains transformer. These 50 Hz signals create a few microvolts or millivolts of hum in the high gain inputs and so are amplified to produce very large hum outputs . 4b. If trouble persists then carefully rotate the transformer until the hum disappears. Keep the mains input lead , switch, fuse and mains ind icator away from these same places as well, because they too can cause hum. The ult imate solution is, of course, to use battery supplies but this will demand a regular supply of car batteries or accumulators to deliver the 30 V or so at 2 A or more .

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