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By W. D. Taylour, Richard Janko

Lord William Taylours excavations at Ayios Stephanos in 1959-77 investigated a port that depended on exchange, fishing and metallurgy. It lay simply north of the most Minoan east-west exchange direction through Kythera and exported the infrequent stone lapis lacedaemonius to Cretan workshops. As a Linear A inscription indicates, the location illuminates the diffusion of Minoan tradition to the mainland. Ayios Stephanos yielded a stratified pottery series from EH I to LH IIIC, with a holiday on the finish of the Early Bronze Age. examine of this series has drastically more advantageous our wisdom of the chronology, clarifying Cretan family members with the mainland. there have been 3 levels of EH. After disastrous fires, oblong constructions changed the MH I apsidal dwellings, and the road plan got here to resemble Minoan prototypes. The pottery illuminates the discovery of Mycenaen ceramics. based on the fortunes of Crete, the location declined in LH IIA, traded with Knossos in LH IIIA1, and declined back. It in brief revived in LH IIIC Early, most likely following an inflow of refugees. Then it was once deserted, possibly after a bloodbath. Ayios Stephanos was once reoccupied in c. 1270 advert, whilst a construction with a walled backyard and stables was once erected to protect the method of Skala alongside the River Vasilopotamos. This section fills a spot in our wisdom, given that no website of this era has been excavated south of Corinth. After 1321 a antagonistic raid plunged the location into oblivion. This ebook stories the structure and stratigraphy, the burials, the Medieval interval, the pottery and small unearths, the human and different natural is still, the payment development and the nearby and historic context. various figures and plates rfile the consequences. Appendices containing techinical analyses, stratigraphic tables and concordances are on an accompanying CD.

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The pureLH III levelshad The LH IIIC disappearedin the centralpartof theTrench,owingto theMedievalreoccupation. levels. in its turn anyEarlyMycenaean destroyed buildingactivity THE BRONZE AGE ARCHITECTURE AND STRATIGRAPHY §2 23 ü JL CO S o C/5 C/3 Ïto O co a" "u Io Oh U 1 a 'co J ci et < 6 ó W. D. TAYLOURt AND R. JANKO 24 Fig. lu. Area Zeta. Potterysectionof sectorbeta w, lookingN (see figs. 14, A- A'). 7. The lid 4003a is [ThefewLH smallfinds,mainlyfoundin latercontexts, The of the probablyMycenaean.

Reconsidered Sincetheresults oftheexcavations of1959-63havebeenpublished,31 theyarenormally in in ceramic items and there broad terms. Some the concluding (Chapter14) only only summary in thelightofnewknowledgein Chapters5-6 below,and thefigurines thenfoundare republished timein Chapters8 and 10. 32 Onlya fewpiecesfromit,selectedby and in but a revised accountofthestratigraphy therelevant are re-evaluated Chapters5-6, experts, architecture ofthisAreaappearsin Chapter1. as However,wherepartsofthesamestrataweredugin boththeearlierand thelaterexcavations, in of the earlierseasonsis reinterpreted in trenches Beta 1, Beta 3 and Beta 12, the stratigraphy with to be the new them and old excavations 1 .

7,strata7-9), butitis doubtful III. 3] 2. AREA ZETA 1973: EARLY TO LATE HELLADIC (figs. It is c. 20 m ese ofArea Betaand 5 m w ofArea Epsilon,on a slightly different N-s alignment fromnw to se. iv). It was quicklyabandonedwhenitwas found toyieldMedievalpottery. 5 m (n-s) x 1 m. e. Thislimitedspaceyieldedno fewerthantwenty different and it has not walls, always beeneasyto establish to whichperiodeach ofthesebelongs. 4Byfarthegreatest numberofsherdswas MH I, and as three of that date were found at a level andjustbelowtheMedievalstrata, the completepots fairly high of the walls must be attributed to that or earlier.

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