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By Pierre F. Limouzy

ISBN-10: 0822010038

ISBN-13: 9780822010036

This French realist novel contrasts the social development of an impoverished yet formidable aristocrat with the story of a father, whose obsessive love for his daughters results in his own and fiscal spoil. This concise complement to Honore De Balzac's Pere Goriot is helping scholars comprehend the general constitution of the paintings, activities and motivations of the characters, and the social and cultural views of the writer.

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Paris: SFELT, 1947. Presents the genesis of the novel and an interesting interpretation of the characters. Bouteron, M. Etudes Balzaciennes. Jouve, 1954. Contains an abundance of information compiled by one of the foremost authorities on Balzac. ENGLISH WORKS Bertault, P. Balzac and the Human Comedy. New York University Press, 1963. Dargan, E. Preston. Honore de Balzac: A Force of Nature. Chicago, 1932. , et al. Studies in Balzac Realism. University of Chicago Press, 1933. Very illuminating essays on Balzac.

He is also the one who ties up the disparate elements of the work. At first he is shown as a young student just arrived from the provinces, full of dreams, prepared to work hard to become a successful lawyer. com and he is quick to realize that with their help he will enter one of the most restricted and brilliant circles in Paris. Fascinated by that luxury, by that life of pleasure, he wants to become a part of it. But to join a club, one has to follow the rules, and Eugene discovers that to become a member, he will have to leave behind some of his moral principles.

But it is much more than an adventure-type story; it gives also the characterization of a man--Vautrin, escaped convict, ostracized by society, seeking revenge. A powerful character physically and mentally, a keen and cynical judge of his fellow men and of the evils of the social order, Vautrin will try to use Rastignac as his alter ego to be an instrument for revenge. The Adventure of Père Goriot--A Story of Paternity Tragic, pathetic, human, this story is concerned with a man in whom paternal love has destroyed every other human trait--and will eventually destroy him.

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